Degree Requirements

Minimum Coursework required for Admission

Students accepted to the program should have taken some or all of these courses prior to admission to the program for either Coursework or Research options.  Students may correct deficiencies (up to six credits) after admission, but these credits do not apply toward the 30 credits required for the degree, and all deficiencies must be absolved before completion of the Master’s degree.

  • Biology: two semesters
  • Chemistry: four semesters of chemistry including organic with a lab component
  • Math: one course in math beyond algebra/trigonometry such as calculus, statistics or computer science.
  • Physics:  two semesters; exceptions will be considered.

Program Requirements for General Coursework

The following courses are required for completion of the M.S. degree for either Coursework or Research options, and may be fulfilled by courses taken prior to entrance to the M.S. program or as part of the Master’s program.

  • General Microbiology (Microbiology 303 or equivalent)
  • Microbial Physiology (Microbiology 526 or equivalent)
  • Microbial Genetics (Microbiology 470 or equivalent)
  • General Biochemistry (Biochemistry 501, Biochemistry 507+508, or equivalent)

There are two options for the M.S. degree: one involving primarily formal coursework with no research requirement (coursework option), and the other requiring significant laboratory research with a formal written component describing and analyzing the work performed (research option)