Program Requirements

The Bacteriology M.S. program is designed to give you an advanced education focused on bacteriology. This is done through curricular and other requirements.

All requirements can be found on the Bacteriology M.S. page in the UW – Madison Guide.

Required Courses

The following courses (or equivalent) are required for completion of the M.S. degree for both the coursework and research tracks, and may be fulfilled by courses taken prior to entrance to the M.S. program or as part of the M.S. program.

MICROBIO 303 Biology of Microorganisms 3
MICROBIO 526 Physiology of Microorganisms 3
MICROBIO 470 Microbial Genetics & Molecular Machines 3
BIOCHEM 501 Introduction to Biochemistry 3

Elective Courses

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Pre-approved Courses

MICROBIO 607 Advanced Microbial Genetics 3
MICROBIO/​BIOCHEM/​GENETICS  612 Prokaryotic Molecular Biology 3
MICROBIO 625 Advanced Microbial Physiology 3
MICROBIO 632 Industrial Microbiology/Biotechnology 2
MICROBIO/​BMOLCHEM  668 Microbiology at Atomic Resolution 3
MICROBIO 710 Microbial Symbiosis 3
MICROBIO 875 Special Topics (Topic: Bioinformatics for Microbiologists) 1-4
M M & I/​PATH-BIO  528 Immunology 3
M M & I/​POP HLTH  603 Clinical and Public Health Microbiology 5
M M & I/​PATH-BIO  790 Immunology of Infectious Disease 3
BIOCHEM 601 Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function 2
BIOCHEM/​GENETICS/​MD GENET  620 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology 3
STAT/​F&W ECOL/​HORT  571 Statistical Methods for Bioscience I 4
ZOOLOGY 430 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates 5


Courses from the departments of Genetics, Biochemistry, Bacteriology, and MM&I are generally accepted for electives. If the course you wish to take is not on the pre-approved list or from one of these departments, be sure to request approval from your advisor.