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Microbes are all around us! They are in our gut, on our skin, and in our noses. They help make our cheese, bread, and wine. They impact our health and daily life and the health of the entire planet. A Master of Science degree in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison will prepare you to tackle this new frontier. Become immersed in cutting-edge research and be taught by award-winning faculty. The flexible program is tailored to each student to help them move forward with their career and educational goals.

If you are looking for a top notch academic program and you value a great place to live, you have to check out The Bacteriology M.S. Program!

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30 credits


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Research or Coursework Tracks

Is the program a good academic fit for you?

  • Yes, I am looking for a way to demonstrate academic success for future graduate or professional program applications.
  • Yes, I want to advance my career rapidly or reach more advanced opportunities in industry and private sector.
  • Yes, I am looking to gain more research experience.

Is the program a good logistical fit for you?

  • Yes, the program is flexible* and tailored to each student.
    • Check out what the program looks like for a research track student.
    • Check out with the program looks like for a coursework track student.
  • Yes, as a student, I can obtain an assistantship, work full-time or part-time to financially support my education*. See Funding and Financial aid information.
*Part time is available. Please note that classes are generally during business hours with the expectation you are present. At times, may be flexibility but it is a class by class situation.

Which Track is Right for You?

Research Track

Students seeking the M.S. degree in order to improve their research skills, to prepare for a career in research and development, or to gain admission to a Ph.D. program should pursue the research option, also known as the M.S. with thesis. This program requires performance of original research and defense of a written thesis, in addition to coursework and additional requirements outlined on the research track page.

A student pursuing the research track must identify a faculty member who agrees to serve as the student’s research advisor/mentor. A list of trainers for the program are listed under the faculty trainer directory here. For more information, please see the “Finding a Research Mentor” section on our Applying to the Program webpage.

Coursework Track

The coursework option serves students who want to acquire knowledge about current topics in microbiology primarily in a classroom setting. Examples of students who benefit from this option are those currently employed in research, clinical or biotechnology labs who are seeking an advanced degree; lawyers and law students who wish to specialize in biotechnology or environmental law; and students preparing for health professions. More information about program requirements can be found on the coursework track page.

Admissions Information

Curious about the requirements for admissions? Check out more information here.


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